R1:  Introduction of an interractive map, which will cover issues related to unity, diversity and cultural herritage, inspiring the target group to get to know the european values.

Transnational Report | PDF LINK

Methodology for Introducing Role models | PDF LINK

R2: Incorporation of Role models, who will teach in a way Roma adults on how to be adapted in the local environment, as well as helped them in the democratization process.

R3: The creation of a holistic OER training programme for Roma adults, in view of covering issues related to self-awareness,dialogue and reflection etc.

R4: The formulation and delivery of a mobile app connected to the OER programme for Roma adults, in view of making it accessible 24 hours a day.

R5: The identification of civic educational models, which will guide them into choose how the training programme will be better served to Roma adults.

Policy Recommendation  | PDF Link

R6: The delivery of a support repository which will cover civic learning practices and offer extra training resources.

R7:The evaluation of the training programme, resulted to a holistic report of policy recommendations related to the best civic engagement approach towards Roma adults.