RESTORE project underlines the need of fostering civic engagement of Roma adults in their local communities, bringing them closer to EU values and ideas of union and diversity.

The following needs are being addressed:

  • lack of Roma’s civic engagement into their local communities
  • difficulty of Roma adults to be provided with upskilling pathways
  • discrimination barriers of local communities towards Roma minorities
  • gap of low-skilled adult trainers concerning the provision of tailored-made civic training
  • lack of appropriate knowledge regarding the civic educational models that are existing in the EU and can be related to a notable increase of civic engagement of Roma



  • Fostering democratic participation of Roma adults into their local communities
  • Motivating Roma adults to be informed about their rights and responsibilities into their own country of residence
  • Providing Roma adults with the appropriate upskilling pathways related to civic education
  • Offering local communities with at least 15 policy recommendations on how to launch a holistic civic engagement
  • Connecting European Organizations related to Roma adults, through the formulation of a training programme related to civic engagement and democratic participation